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Joel I Auerbach: (Email: jaueruk@gmail.com) (Phone: 6178529413)
Appointment Types Considered:  Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Savannah, Georgia, USA
Locations Interested in Teaching: Savannah/ Hilton Head, Cape Cod, UK, Ireland, Kenya, France Sud
Last Full-Time Appointment: 2015-2022 Participating Professor Economics & Finance Department,NSU, Huizenga College Business & Entrepreneurship
Other Full-Time Appointments: None
Subjects: Macroeconomics
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Monetary Theory
Money & Banking
International Finance
Health Care Finance
International Business
Statement of Interest: I am a retired global management consultant (30 years) and accredited economics and finance instructor (15 years) interested in teaching 2 elective level courses per semester as an Adjunct or relocating as a Visiting Scholar. My published research is in Finance & Economics and I am a referee or co-editor of academic journals. Prior to teaching I was an International Healthcare Strategy Consultant (Partner) serving the USA, UK and Ireland.
Thank you

Christian Belzil: (Email: christian.belzil@gmail.com)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
Current Location: Paris Polytechnic Institute, CREST, France
Locations Interested in Teaching: East Coast (Canada and US)
Last Full-Time Appointment: Paris Polytechnic Institute and ENSAE (2008 to 2023)
Other Full-Time Appointments: Concordia University-1989 to 2002
Subjects: Microeconometric Methods for Public Policy
Economics of Education (Ph.D. level course)
Structural Econometrics (Ph.D. level course)
Econometric theory
Microeconomics (principles, intermediate and advanced honours)
Labor Economics (undergraduate)
URL of Curriculum Vita: https://sites.google.com/site/cbelzilecon/home
Statement of Interest: I am a Canadian citizen, and that given French Public Sector employment regulations, I would be able to obtain early retirement status. This is why I may be interested in any reasonable limited-term employment contracts.

My current research agenda spans a relatively wide set of topics in the Economics of Education and Human Capital, in structural Behavioral Economics, and in Microeconometrics.

Some of my articles are found in journals such as:
Journal of Labor Economics, Quantitative Economics, Econometrica, Journal of Econometrics, European Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, and Journal of Applied Econometrics.

Robert Scott Gassler: (Email: scott.gassler@gmail.com)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Everett, Washington, USA
Locations Interested in Teaching: Seattle area, Charleston SC area
Last Full-Time Appointment: Vesalius College at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 1990-2013.
Other Full-Time Appointments: Ursinus College, 1986-1990; Guilford College, 1980-1986; Colby College, 1979-1980.
Subjects: Principles, Intermediate Micro, Environmental and Ecological, Comparative, International Political Economy. I have taught courses in virtually every field of economics, plus some in political science, management, mathematics, and statistics. My courses have been at both the undergraduate and graduate level, in several countries on two continents.
Statement of Interest: I did my doctorate with Kenneth Boulding and have published in economics, political science, education, library-information science, nonprofit organizations, planning, environmental science, and systems science. Current research interests are ecological economics and international political economy.

Eric S Graber: (Email: esgraber1967@gmail.com) (Phone: 240-893-6168)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Waltham, MA
Locations Interested in Teaching: Greater Boston Area
Last Full-Time Appointment: Brandeis Univ. Crown Center for Middle East Studies, (course on economics of the Middle East)dle East2006-07
Other Full-Time Appointments: St. Louis University, Assist Prof Economics and International Business, 1979-86.
Subjects: Introductory Principles of Economics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics.
Statement of Interest: Economist, 40 years' experience in teaching and applied research in international economics and management with extensive involvements in e-Learning distance education. Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland University College, Graduate School of Management, teach online courses "The Manager in a Technological Society" and "Strategic Management Capstone," 2002-present; conference blogging on numerous management topics and organization theory, extensive involvement in student research and business simulations. Selected for the 2012 UMGC Graduate School Teaching Recognition Award.

Kevin Hollenbeck: (Email: hollenbeck@upjohn.org)
Appointment Types Considered:  Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Carmel, IN
Locations Interested in Teaching: anywhere near Indianapolis
Last Full-Time Appointment: Upjohn Institute, 1989 - 2016
Other Full-Time Appointments: Center for Education and Training, Ohio State, 1983 - 1989
Subjects: Intro micro or macro
Intermediate micro
Undergraduate labor
Statement of Interest: I taught Intro Micro on a (regular) part-time basis at Western Michigan University for about 25 years. Since relocating to Carmel, IN, I have taught Intro Macro at Indiana State University and at Butler University.

Lawrence D Krohn: (Email: lawrence.krohn@tufts.edu)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Alternate between Long Island, NY and Tel Aviv
Locations Interested in Teaching: Boston - Philadelphia corridor, Long Island, Israel
Last Full-Time Appointment: Fletcher School/Tufts University 2008 - 2017
Other Full-Time Appointments: Oberlin College 1978 - 79
Universite Laval 1979 - 81
UQAM 1981-83
International economist at several global banks 1983-2008
Subjects: International Finance, International Trade, Financial Markets and Institutions, Intermediate Macro, Micro Public/Welfare Economics, Corporate Finance, Problems of Middle-Income Nations.
Statement of Interest: I continue to teach at the Fletcher School and at Tel Aviv University and am finishing a book on Latin American economics, but have room and enthusiasm for additional teaching in the areas listed above.

John Teall: (Email: jteall@jteall.com)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: New York City Area
Locations Interested in Teaching: Europe, South America
Last Full-Time Appointment: Jackson Tai Professor of Practice, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (7 years)
Other Full-Time Appointments: Pace University 1993 - 2007
Fordham University 1986 - 1990
Former Member and Market Maker, American Stock Exchange
Subjects: Financial Theory, Microeconomics, Financial Mathematics, Derivatives, Econometrics, Fixed Income, Managerial Economics, Trading and Investments, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance
URL of Curriculum Vita: http://www.jteall.com/resume.pdf
Statement of Interest: Over 35 years of teaching experience. Currently teach one course each term at Johns Hopkins University. Have also taught as a visitor or adjunct at NYU, Cornell, LUISS Univ., Dublin City Univ., Gothenberg Univ., Univ. of Melbourne and others. Am comfortable teaching finance and microeconomics at UG through doctoral levels. Ph.D. from NYU-Stern in finance. Former member of the American Stock Exchange (options market maker). Extensive consulting experience. Author of 5 textbooks and numerous research articles.

Susheng Wang: (Email: sus.wang@qq.com) (Phone: 8613530163044)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Hong Kong
Locations Interested in Teaching: China, Singapore, Canada, U.S.A, Europe
Last Full-Time Appointment: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Other Full-Time Appointments: Concordia University, Canada
Subjects: Micro Theory, Information Economics, Finance
URL of Curriculum Vita: http://www.bm.ust.hk/~sswang/
Statement of Interest: Venture Capital, Entrepreneurial Finance, Incomplete Contract, Organization