• Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP) -- Our most widely circulated publication, covering broad economics topics, is already available at no charge for everyone.
  • Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) -- JEL includes survey articles and book reviews.
  • American Economic Review (AER) -- The AER is one of the most recognizable economics journals in the world. 
  • American Economic Review: Insights (AERI) -- This journal is devoted to publishing papers with important insights that can be conveyed succinctly.
  • American Economics Journals (AEJs) -- The AEJs are four field-specific journals covering applied economics, economic policy, macroeconomics, and microeconomics.
  • AEA Papers and Proceedings (P&P) -- Published annually, this issue contains selected papers presented at the annual meeting as well as informational reports.

Eligible students must be of high-school age; proof may be required upon request. 

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