Reporting Lockbox


The Reporting Lockbox is a voluntary service, provided by MWI but separate and distinct from the Ombuds resource, that allows AEA members to log allegations of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation involving other members via an encrypted, time-stamped online tool.

Goals of the Reporting Lockbox

  • To provide members of the AEA with an option to log allegations of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation while giving the AEA member logging the incident (i.e., the Reporting Member) decision-making authority about what subsequently happens with this information.

  • To reduce incidents of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation by identifying alleged perpetrators within the AEA membership.

  • To provide Reporting Members with the opportunity to coordinate with others who have logged similar experiences with the same alleged perpetrator from the AEA membership. This is accomplished by giving Reporting Members the option to be notified if another Reporting Member identifies the same alleged perpetrator and also requests to be notified of a match.

Additional Details   

  • Reporting Members must agree to the Terms of Use before logging an incident. The Privacy Policy can be found here.

  • To log an incident, please create a username (which must be the email you have registered with your AEA membership) and a password. Please contact the AEA at with questions about your membership.

  • Reporting Members may edit and/or delete their initial submission as needed.

  • Reporting Members can delete incidents and their account at any point. No information will be sent to the AEA or shared with the Ombuds Team.

  • Information logged will not be disclosed to anyone except with the consent of the Reporting Member, and even then only after contacting you again to obtain your express permission

  • AEA Members may wish to consult with counsel about the advisability of logging an incident versus filing a complaint with the Ethics Committee or taking other action.

To log an incident with the Reporting Lockbox, visit  

For questions and technical support, email