2016 AEA Annual Meeting Webcasts of Select Sessions

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60 Million Refugees (L to R) Susan Martin, Semih Tumen, Timothy J. Hatton, Robert Shiller, Jeffrey Sachs

"Gender at Work: Evidence from Experimental Economics" Ragan Petrie speaking.

View webcasts of select sessions from the Annual Meeting in San Francisco on January 3-5, 2016 (compliments of the AEA).

January 3, 2016

Historical Perspectives on Financial Crisis, Banks and Regulation
Presiding: Gary Richardson
Crisis and Collapse in the Long Run: Some Microeconomic Evidence Raghuram Rajan and Rodney Ramcharan
What Ends Banking Panics? Gary Gorton and Ellis Tallman
Interbank Markets and Banking Crises: New Evidence on the Establishment and Impact of the Federal Reserve Mark Carlson and David Wheelock
Commercial Bank Leverage and Regulatory Regimes: Comparative Evidence from the Great Depression and Great Recession Christoffer Koch, Gary Richardson and Patrick Van Horn
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United States Economy: Where To From Here?
Presiding: Dominick Salvatore
U.S. Macro Policy in the Future Olivier J. Blanchard
Dealing with Long Term Deficits Martin Feldstein
Central Banking: What's Next? Stanley Fischer
How to Restore Equitable and Sustainable Economic Growth in the United States Joseph Eugene Stiglitz
Can We Restart the Recovery All Over Again? John B. Taylor
Discussants: Dominick Salvatore
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AEA/AFA Joint Luncheon: Why Are Money Markets Different?
Bengt Holmstrom, introduced by Patrick Bolton
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Critiquing Robert J. Gordon's Rise and Fall of American Growth (Panel Discussion)
Presiding: Robert Shiller
Gregory Clark
Nicholas Crafts
Benjamin Friedman
James T. Robinson
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AEA Distinguished Lecture "Restoring Rational Choice: The Challenge of Consumer Finance"
John Y. Campbell, introduced by Robert Shiller
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January 4, 2016

Gender at Work: Evidence from Experimental Economics
Presiding: Catherine Eckel
Knowing When to Ask: The Cost of Leaning In Christine Exley, Muriel Niederle and Lise Vesterlund
A University-Wide Field Experiment on Gender Differences in Job Entry Decisions Anya Samek
Born to Lead? Gender Differences in Incentive Provision and Its Evaluation Alexandra Van Geen and Olga Shurchkov
Gender Differences in Negotiation by Communication Method Adam Greenberg and Ragan Petrie
Stress and the Gender Difference in Willingness to Compete Thomas Buser, Anna Dreber Almenberg and Johanna Mollerstrom
Discussants: Christine Exley, Anat Bracha, Katherine Coffman and Alexandra Van Geen
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60 Million Refugees
Presiding: Robert J. Shiller
Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Policy Timothy J. Hatton
Rethinking Protection of those Displaced by Humanitarian Crises Susan F. Martin
What Global Principles Should Govern National Migration Policies? Jeffrey D. Sachs
The Economic Impact of Syrian Refugees on Host Countries: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Turkey Semih Tumen
Discussants: Joseph Altonji, George J. Borjas, David Jaeger and Giovanni Peri
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AEA Nobel Laureate Luncheon
Honoree: Jean Tirole
Presiding: Robert Shiller
Roland Benabou
Drew Fudenberg
Bengt Holmstrom
Eric Maskin
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Digitization and Innovation
Presiding: Shane Greenstein
Data in Action: Data-Driven Decision-Making in U.S. Manufacturing Erik Brynjolfsson and Kristina McElheran
Copyright Enforcement in Stock Photography Hong Luo and Julie Mortimer
Agglomeration of Invention in the Bay Area: Not Just ICT Chris Forman, Avi Goldfarb and Shane Greenstein
Discussants: Kathryn Shaw, Megan MacGarvie and MaryAnn Feldman
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2016 AEA President Robert Shiller and Clark Medalist Roland Fryer

AEA Awards Ceremony
Robert Shiller
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AEA Presidential Address: Behavioral Economics: Past, Present and Future
Richard Thaler, introduced by Robert Shiller
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