American Economic Review

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AER Coeditor and Board Member Nominations

We are seeking nominations for AER coeditors and AER board members in the hope of identifying candidates from a more diverse set of institutions, backgrounds, demographics, and geographical locations than we could achieve if we relied only on the knowledge and networks of the editorial team at the AER. These candidates will be considered as openings arise over the next several years. The deadline for nominations was September 30, 2022.

The nomination form purposefully collects relatively minimal information because we want to keep the burden on nominators light. We will collect additional information on the nominees ourselves.

You are welcome to submit multiple nominations or to nominate yourself. Nominators may share their identity, if they wish, so that we can follow up with them or so that we know it is a self-nomination. Nominations are meant to allow us to broaden the pool of candidates to consider. No weight is given to the number of nominations or the identity of the nominator: we keep one record per nominee and do not track the number of nominations. Therefore, there is no incentive for anyone to encourage multiple nominations.

Candidates for coeditor must have tenure if they work at a tenure-granting institution. They must have seniority equivalent to tenure if they work at a non-tenure granting institution. Candidates for board member must have tenure or must have received their PhD at least 10 years ago.

We will announce new coeditors and board members on the AER website as positions become available and new appointments are made by the AEA Executive Committee.

Thank you very much for your assistance with our search process for coeditors and board members!