AEA Data and Code Policies and Guidance

It is the policy of the American Economic Association to publish papers only if the data and code used in the analysis are clearly and precisely documented and access to the data and code is nonexclusive to the authors.

Data Editor

Lars Vilhuber, Cornell University


Data and Code Availability Policy
Data Legality Policy

Supplemental Policies

Policy for Papers Conducting Experiments and Collecting Primary Data
Policy and Protocol for Third-Party Verifications
Policy on Revisions of Data and Code Deposits in the AEA Data and Code Repository


Step-by-Step Guidance
Frequently Asked Questions
Reference List Entries for Datasets and Registered Studies


These forms are provided by the editorial office at the appropriate stage of the manuscript review/production process.

Data and Code Information Form 
Data and Code Availability Form
Data and Code Archive Agreement Form

Contacts and More Information

See the AEA Data Editor website for more information and tutorials.
For questions or further assistance, contact the AEA Data Editor via email or X (formerly Twitter).