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  • October 19, 2018

Bloomberg features EconSpark discussion

Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Jerome Powell presents the Monetary Policy Report to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs in July 2018.

Federal Reserve Bank

Bloomberg columnist Noah Smith featured the AEA’s newly launched economics forum, EconSpark, in an article about whether low interest rates encourage excessive risk taking. The column uses a question posed by AEA president Olivier Blanchard as a launching point, and goes on to reference responses from Jeremy Stein, Claudio Borio, and Brad DeLong. Blanchard’s question has been the most popular one on EconSpark since its launch in September, garnering more than 12,000 views. The forum is intended to be a place for the respectful exchange of ideas, and was developed in response to concerns about content considered offensive by many AEA members appearing on other online economics platforms.