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Proposed law in Italy would give women "menstrual leave"

March 24, 2017
The Washington Post cited a 2009 paper published in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics in an article about a proposed law in Italy to offer “menstrual leave” for working women.
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Why are (most of us) living so much longer?

March 8, 2017
The Washington Post Wonkblog cited a 2006 article from the Journal of Economic Perspectives about how life expectancies have risen across countries and over time
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Barriers to migration bring heavy cost

February 8, 2017
A column in The New York Times cites a 2011 JEP article that argued restrictions on immigration drag down the economy by trillions of dollars.
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House-price rises fastest in the world

February 3, 2017
An article in The Australian highlighted a study on historical trends in house prices appearing in this month’s issue of the American Economic Review