AEA Sessions from the 2022 ASSA Annual Meeting

January 07 — 09

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Addressing Open Questions in the School Spending Literature: Existing Evidence, Capital Expenditures, and Positive Externalities

Joshua Hyman
The Distribution of School Spending Impacts —
C. Kirabo Jackson
and Claire Mackevicius
More School Funding, Less Crime? —
Jason Baron
, Joshua Hyman
, and Brittany Vasquez
The Impact of School Spending on Civic Engagement: Evidence from School Finance Reforms —
Erdal Asker
, Eric Brunner
, and Stephen Ross
School Capital Expenditure Rules, Student Outcomes, and Real Estate Capitalization —
Barbara Biasi
, Julien Lafortune
, and David Schönholzer

Advances in Demand Estimation: Theory and Methods

Giovanni Compiani
You Can Lead a Horse to Water: Spatial Learning and Path Dependence in Consumer Search —
Charles Hodgson
and Gregory Lewis
Approximating Choice Data by Discrete Choice Models —
Yusuke Narita
, Kota Saito
, and Haoge Chang
Yogurts Choose Consumers? Estimation of Random-Utility Models via Two-Sided Matching —
Alfred Galichon
, Odran Bonnet
, Yu-Wei Hsieh
, Keith O'Hara
, and Matthew Shum
Mixed Logit and Pure Characteristics Models —
Jay Lu
and Kota Saito
Dynamic Discrete Choice Models with Incomplete Data: Sharp Identification —
Yingyao Hu
, Yuya Sasaki
, Yuya Takahashi
, and Yi Xin

Advances in Global Cryptocurrencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies

Tobias Adrian
Credit Lines, Bank Deposits or CBDC? Competition and Efficiency in Modern Payment Systems —
Monika Piazzesi
and Martin Schneider
Cryptocurrencies, Currency Competition, and the Impossible Trinity —
Pierpaolo Benigno
, Linda M. Schilling
, and Harald Uhlig
Rise Of the Central Bank Digital Currencies: Drivers, Approaches and Technologies —
Raphael Auer
, Giulio Cornelli
, and Jon Frost
Central Bank Digital Currencies in an Open Economy —
Massimo Ferrari
, Arnaud Mehl
, and Livio Stracca

AEA Distinguished Lecture (formerly Ely Lecture)

Christina D. Romer
Nathan Nunn

AEA Task Force on Outreach to High School and Undergraduate Students in Economics - An Update

Sam Allgood
Sam Allgood
KimMarie McGoldrick
Ann Owen
Martha Olney
, and
Judith Chevalier

Algorithmic Pricing

Ali Hortaçsu
Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm Design and Pricing: Theory, Computation and Preliminary Empirics —
John Asker
, Chaim Fershtman
, and Ariel Pakes
Algorithmic Pricing and Competition: Empirical Evidence from the German Retail Gasoline Market —
Stephanie Assad
, Robert Clark
, Daniel Ershov
, and Lei Xu
Smart Meters and Retail Competition —
Mar Reguant
The Role of Pricing Algorithms in Airline Pricing and Seat Allocation —
Ali Hortaçsu
, Olivia R. Natan
, Hayden Parsley
, Timothy Schwieg
, and Kevin R. Williams

Altruism, Inequity Concerns, And Morality

Ingela Alger
Disguising Prejudice: Popular Rationales as Excuses for Intolerant Expression —
Leonardo Bursztyn
, Ingar Haaland
, Aakaash Rao
, and Christopher Roth
Equity Concerns are Narrowly Framed —
Christine L. Exley
and Judd B. Kessler
Estimating Social Preferences and Kantian Morality in Strategic Interactions —
Boris van Leeuwen
and Ingela Alger
Eliciting Moral Preferences: Theory and Experiment —
Roland Bénabou
, Armin Falk
, Luca Henkel
, and Jean Tirole

American Economic History: Water and Health

Todd Guilfoos
Public and Private Investment in Drainage: U.S. Agricultural Development and the Eradication of Malaria —
Eric Edwards
and Wally N. Thurman
Playing Checkers in Chinatown —
Jose-Antonio Espin-Sanchez
and Santiago Truffa
The Value of Water Power during the American Industrial Revolution —
Todd Guilfoos
Public Health Expenditure and Mortality: Revisiting the Early-Twentieth Century Mortality Decline through the Lens of Local Public Finance —
Lauren Hoehn-Velasco
and Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

Analyzing Bias with Text, Images, And Sound

Carlo Schwarz
Visual Representation and Stereotypes in News Media —
Elliott Ash
, Ruben Durante
, and Carlo Schwarz
Emotions and Violence: The Effect of Biased News on Hate Crimes —
Jacob Miller
The (great) Persuasion Divide? Gender Disparities in Debate Speeches & Evaluations —
Huyen Nguyen
Physician Practice Style for Mental Health Conditions: The Case of ADHD —
Kelli Marquardt

Assessing Youth Labor Market Interventions: Past, Present and Future

Amy Ellen Schwartz
Why Don’t Firms Hire Young Workers During Recessions? —
Eliza Forsythe
Do Youth Employment Programs Work? —
Anna Aizer
, Shari Eli
, Adriana Lleras-Muney
, and Keyoung Lee
The Effect of Letters of Recommendation in the Youth Labor Market —
Sara Heller
and Judd B. Kessler
What’s in a Job? Evaluating the Effect of Private Sector Summer Employment on Post-Secondary Outcomes —
Urbashee Paul
and Alicia Sasser Modestino

Auditing and Regulating AI Systems

Adair Morse
Unpacking the Black Box: Regulating Algorithmic Lending —
Laura Blattner
, Scott Nelson
, and Jann Spiess
Characterizing Fairness Over the Set of Good Models Under Selective Labels —
Amanda Coston
, Ashesh Rambachan
, and Alexandra Chouldechova
Mitigating Bias in Algorithmic Hiring: Evaluating Claims and Practices —
Manish Raghavan
, Solon Barocas
, Jon Kleinberg
, and Karen Levy
Adaptive maximization of social welfare —
Rediet Abebe
and Maximilian Kasy

Barriers to a Diverse Workplace

Andrea Weber
The Broken Rung: Gender and the Leadership Gap —
Ingrid Haegele
Asymmetric Peer Effects: How White Peers Shape Black Turnover —
Nina Roussille
, Elizabeth Linos
, and Sanaz Mobasseri
Homophily by Gender in Advice Seeking —
Melanie Wasserman
and Yana Gallen

Behavioral Barriers to Labor Supply in Poor Countries

Supreet Kaur
The Social Tax: Redistributive Pressure and Labor Supply —
Eliana Carranza
, Aletheia Donald
, Florian Grosset
, and Supreet Kaur
Aspirations and Financial Decisions: Experimental Evidence from the Philippines —
David McKenzie
, Aakash Mohpal
, and Dean Yang
Does Poverty Change Labor Supply? Evidence from Multiple Income Effects and 115,579 Bags —
Abhijit Banerjee
, Dean Karlan
, Hannah Luk-Zilberman
, and Christopher Udry
The Selection of Talent: Experimental and Structural Evidence from Ethiopia —
Girum Abebe
, Stefano Caria
, and Esteban Ortiz-Ospina

Behavioral Intertemporal Consumption

Chen Lian
Mistakes in Future Consumption, High MPCs Now —
Chen Lian
Present Bias in Consumption-Saving Models: A Tractable Continuous-Time Approach —
Peter Maxted
Does Saving Cause Borrowing? —
Paolina Medina
and Michaela Pagel
Temptation and Incentives to Wealth Accumulation —
Orazio Attanasio
, Agnes Kovacs
, and Patrick Moran

Black Entrepreneurs and Financial Constraints

Raphael Bostic
Black-Owned Firms, Financial Constraints, and the Firm Size Gap —
Mee Jung Kim
, Kyung Min Lee
, J. David Brown
, and John S. Earle
The 2021 Paycheck Protection Program Reboot: Loan Disbursement to Employer and Nonemployer Businesses in Minority Communities —
Robert Fairlie
and Frank M. Fossen
Barriers to Black Entrepreneurship: Implications for Welfare and Aggregate Output over Time —
Pedro Bento
and Sunju Hwang
Using Technology to Tackle Discrimination in Lending —
Rachel M.B. Atkins
, Lisa Cook
, and Robert Seamans
Game Theory of Self-Reporting Race in Small Business Loan Applications: Evidence from PPP Loans in Durham, NC —
Raffi E. García
and William A. Darity Jr.

Business Financing and Employment Dynamics

Rebecca Zarutskie
Home Equity Lending, Credit Constraints, and Small Business in the U.S. —
William Lastrapes
, Ian Schmutte
, and Thor Watson
House Prices, Home Equity, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from U.S. Census Micro Data —
Sari Kerr
, William Kerr
, and Ramana Nanda
Financing Conditions and Young-Firm Dynamics —
J. David Brown
, Steven Davis
, Lucia Foster
, John Haltiwanger
, John Sabelhaus
, and Laura Yi Zhao
How Do Firms Finance Their Growth? Evidence from New Data on U.S. Firms —
Cecilia Caglio
, Matthew Darst
, Thomas Dreschel
, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
, and Veronika Penciakova

Career Shocks, Mobility, and Labor Market Outcomes

Abigail Wozniak
Firm Investment, Labor Supply, and the Design of Social Insurance: Evidence from Accommodations for Workplace Injuries —
Corina Mommaerts
, Stephanie Rennane
, and Naoki Aizawa
Firm Market Power, Worker Mobility, and Wages in the United States Labor Market —
Sadhika Bagga
Dual-Earner Migration, Earnings, and Unemployment Insurance —
Joanna Venator
The Career Costs of Children's Health Shocks —
Ana Costa-Ramon
and Anne-Lise Breivik

China's Global Claims

Carmen M. Reinhart
China's Impact on Global Financial Markets —
Isha Agarwal
, Eswar Prasad
, and Grace Weishi Gu
Global Footprints of Monetary Policy —
Silvia Miranda-Agrippino
, Tsvetelina Nenova
, and Helene Rey
Banking Across Borders: Are Chinese Banks Different? —
Eugenio Cerutti
, Catherine Casanova
, and Swapan-Kumar Pradhan
How China Lends —
Anna Gelpern
, Sebastian Horn
, Brad Parks
, Christoph Trebesch
, and Scott Morris