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Vol. 114, May 2024

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AEA Distinguished Lecture
New Frontiers in Environmental Economics
Economics of Gun Violence
The Causes and Consequences of Conflict
Understanding the Return of Inflation
Global Value Chains and Inflation
New Developments in Global Value Chains
Market Power in the Provision of Safe Assets and Global Financial Dynamics
Inequality, Race, and Household Finance
Racial and Gender Differences in Wealth and Labor and Mortgage Markets
Racial Aspects of Economic Disparities
Gender and Work
Gender and Human Capital
LGBTQ+ Economics Topics
Diversity and Inclusion in the Economics Profession: Progress and Pitfalls
The Status of Teaching-Track Positions in Economics: International Comparisons
Spatial Economics
Corporate Tax Incidence
Health and Public Policy
New Perspectives on the Economics of Mental Health
Mental Health in Developing Countries
New Frontiers in the Economics of the Social Safety Net
The Economic Impacts of Childcare for Men, Women, and Children
The Causal Effects of Public Pre-K Investments on Student Success: New Evidence across Three Different State Systems
Issues in Access to Education
Investigating and Remedying Race Disparities in Education
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Student Experiences and Immigration Policy
Macroeconomic Implications of Labor Supply and Reallocation in Heterogeneous Agent Economies
Job Search and Long-Term Unemployment
Managers, Firm Performance, and Worker Outcomes
Treatment Effects: Theory and Implementation
Algorithmic Decision-Making
Advances in Imputing Race and Ethnicity to Administrative Data
Economics of Behavioral Change

Sleep Norms

by Osea Giuntella, Andrea Kiss, and Stephanie W. Wang
(pp. 672–77)
Media and Perceptions
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