Experimental Methods

Some JEP articles recommended for classroom use

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Articles listed here were also often listed in courses on Econometrics and Development."

From Experiments to Economic Policy (Fall 2017) https://www.aeaweb.org/issues/488 

Banerjee, Abhijit, Rukmini Banerji, James Berry, Esther Duflo, Harini Kannan, Shobhini Mukerji, Marc Shotland, and Michael Walton. 2017. “From Proof of Concept to Scalable Policies: Challenges and Solutions, with an Application.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 31 (4): 73–102. https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.31.4.73 

Muralidharan, Karthik, and Paul Niehaus. 2017. “Experimentation at Scale.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 31 (4): 103–24. https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.31.4.103 

Al-Ubaydli, Omar, John A. List, Danielle LoRe, and Dana Suskind. 2017. “Scaling for Economists: Lessons from the Non-adherence Problem in the Medical Literature.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 31 (4): 125–44. https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.31.4.125 

Kerr, William R., Ramana Nanda, and Matthew Rhodes-Kropf. 2014. “Entrepreneurship as Experimentation.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 28 (3): 25–48. https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.28.3.25 

Symposium: Field Experiments (Summer 2011) https://www.aeaweb.org/issues/204 

List, John A. 2011. “Why Economists Should Conduct Field Experiments and 14 Tips for Pulling One Off.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 25 (3): 3–16. https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.25.3.3 

Ludwig, Jens, Jeffrey R. Kling, and Sendhil Mullainathan. 2011. “Mechanism Experiments and Policy Evaluations.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 25 (3): 17–38. https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.25.3.17 

Card, David, Stefano DellaVigna, and Ulrike Malmendier. 2011. “The Role of Theory in Field Experiments.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 25 (3): 39–62. https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.25.3.39 

Bandiera, Oriana, Iwan Barankay, and Imran Rasul. 2011. “Field Experiments with Firms.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 25 (3): 63–82. https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.25.3.63 

Symposium: Social Experiments (Spring 1995) https://www.aeaweb.org/issues/222 

Burtless, Gary. 1995. “The Case for Randomized Field Trials in Economic and Policy Research.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 9 (2): 63–84. https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.9.2.63 

Heckman, James J., and Jeffrey A. Smith. 1995. “Assessing the Case for Social Experiments.” Journal of Economic Perspectives 9 (2): 85–110. https://www.aeaweb.org/articles?id=10.1257/jep.9.2.85