John Bates Clark Medal

John Bates Clark medal

John Bates Clark medal

One of the most prestigious and eagerly anticipated AEA awards, the John Bates Clark Medal is awarded annually each April (formerly biennially from 1947–2009) to that American economist under the age of forty who is judged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge. If there is a significant body of joint work, the Clark Medal may be awarded jointly to two recipients. Established as an American prize, it is sufficient that the candidate works in the United States at the time of the award and US citizenship is not required.

2024 Clark Medalist Philipp Strack

The Clark medal brings notable professional benefits, and several winners have gone on to become Nobel Laureates.

2024: Philipp Strack

2023: Gabriel Zucman

2022: Oleg Itskhoki

2021: Isaiah Andrews

2020: Melissa Dell

2019: Emi Nakamura

2018: Parag Pathak

2017: Dave Donaldson

2016: Yuliy Sannikov

2015: Roland Fryer

2014: Matthew Gentzkow

2013: Raj Chetty

2012: Amy Finkelstein

2011: Jonathan Levin

2010: Esther Duflo

2009: Emmanuel Saez

2007: Susan C. Athey

2005: Daron Acemoglu

2003: Steven Levitt

2001: Matthew Rabin

1999: Andrei Shleifer

1997: Kevin M. Murphy

1995: David Card

1993: Lawrence H. Summers

1991: Paul R. Krugman

1989: David M. Kreps

1987: Sanford J. Grossman

1985: Jerry A. Hausman

1983: James J. Heckman

1981: A. Michael Spence

1979: Joseph E. Stiglitz

1977: Martin S. Feldstein

1975: Daniel McFadden

1973: Franklin M. Fisher

1971: Dale W. Jorgenson

1969: Marc Leon Nerlove

1967: Gary S. Becker

1965: Zvi Griliches

1963: Hendrik S. Houthakker

1961: Robert M. Solow

1959: Lawrence R. Klein

1957: Kenneth J. Arrow

1955: James Tobin

1953: No Award

1951: Milton Friedman

1949: Kenneth E. Boulding

1947: Paul A. Samuelson