American Economic Review: Insights

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Editorial Process: Discussions with the Editors

Learn about the AER: Insights editorial process by listening to discussions with past and current editors, as well as with the AEA data editor. Further information about the editorial process at AER: Insights can be found in the Report of the Editor, published each year in the AEA Papers and Proceedings.

Fireside Chat with Amy Finkelstein

Amy Finkelstein, former editor of AER: Insights, discusses the journal's editorial process with Vicki Bogan and Emily Nix as part of a fireside chat series on the AEA journal process, organized by the Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP). 

Fireside Chat with Lars Vilhuber

CSWEP also held a fireside chat in which Leah Boustan talked with Lars Vilhuber, the AEA data editor, about how compliance with the AEA Data and Code Availability Policy works in practice.