American Economic Review

ISSN 0002-8282 (Print) | ISSN 1944-7981 (Online)

Vol. 104, No. 5, May 2014

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Richard T. Ely Lecture
What's Natural? Key Macroeconomic Parameters after the Great Recession
Recessions and Recoveries
Is Neglect Benign? The Case of United States Housing Finance Policy
Sovereign Debt Crisis
Perspectives on Consumption
New Directions and Opportunities for Research on Consumption with the PSID
Big Data in Macroeconomics: New Insights from Large Administrative Datasets
Macro Development with Micro Data
Theory and Measurement of Intangible Capital
Econometrics: Identification and Structural Estimation
Macroeconomic Impact of Population Aging
Innovation, Labor, and Wealth
Developing Country Lessons for Advanced Economy Growth
The Demand for Insurance in Developing Countries
Gains from Trade When Firms Matter
The Impact of Health Insurance Expansions on Other Social Safety Net Programs
Marriage, Divorce, and Female Labor Force Participation
Gender: The Economics of Gender
Inequality in the Future
Policy Interventions and Educational Outcomes
Frontiers of Market Design
Market Design for Auction Markets
Theory of Persuasion
Economics of the Internet and Mobile Computing
Neuroeconomics of Stochastic Choice
Economics Education in the Digital Age: The Implications of Online Technologies and MOOCs
Discounting for the Long Run
Climate Change Policy after Kyoto
Energy in the Developing World